The Importance of LIP

What is LIP? It’s an acronym for Life Safety, Incident Stabilization and Property Protection – and those three areas are the top-line  Priorities or Objective Categories of any incident response operation and must always occur and be prioritized in that order when it comes to creating Strategies and Tactics on the Operation. When you are considering a Mission Assignment, ask your self: Does it fit this criteria? Are we making sure our team is safe at all times? Remember Responder Life Safety is always the number 1 priority.

One thought on “The Importance of LIP”

  1. LIP has aspects for every event, incident, disaster, etc. It’s a great way to prioritize what everyone should do – for both emergency/first responders and those who are residents/workers at the site!

    If you are evacuating a building, even for a fire drill, your priorities should be to get your self out, help others if you can, close the door behind you on your way out and let your supervisor (or emergency team member) know you safely exited the building. Worry about the paperwork, personal items, etc. later.

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