[Ad] Crisis Communications Team Table Top Exercise – Rats!! (A Fictitious Disaster)

Organizations never get a “heads up” that someone is planning on sabotaging their work (i.e., products/processes) when then spread rumors or innuendo (or just plain lies). Fictitious Disasters are more like “No-Notice” events than “Notice” ones. Organizations need to always be on their guard against these threats – and remain vigilant. This exercise is much like a race (your organization’s facts and communications have to defeat the rumors and falsehoods) in that there are actions to do even before getting to the starting line. In this exercise, consider the race to have started and the rumors/falsehoods already have a head start.

Validate your Crisis Communications Team Plan (and the Planning, Organization, Equipment, and Training) through this Table Top Exercise. This TTX is designed to follow the one or both of the previous ones in the series (Winter Storm and/or Tornado), but can be used first, for example when the Crisis Communications Team is already established and using an existing set of plans.