[Ad] Office/Facility Fire Drill Series – Facilitator Handbook

This template package has been developed by Barton Dunant, which followed the guidance set forth in the federal Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP). The exercise design team was composed of key community stakeholders including local emergency management, law enforcement, fire officials and others. This template package is for the specific Barton Dunant HSEEP Exercise Series:

    • Office/Facility Fire Drill

Which consists of a building-block series of table-top exercises, functional exercises and full-scale exercises which have been designed by Barton Dunant and/or other exercise design partners. These exercises are tangible evidence of the commitment of all participating entities to ensure public safety and incident readiness through collaborative partnerships that will prepare your organization and/or jurisdiction to be more resilient and ready, in the event of an emergency or disaster.

If you need help running this exercise remotely, please let us know. We have different levels of consulting services to either assist you in designing exercises, all the way through running them (and evaluating them) remotely.