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School Districts – please watch this short video to learn more about all-hazards emergency management, especially as it relates to the planning, organizing of staff, equipping, training, and exercising needed.

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K12 School Series

START HERE: Before you start your first exercise, you need to plan our both the training and exercising collaboratively between school officials and the local public safety officials (police, fire, EMS/public health/hospitals, emergency management, etc.). This needs to be a whole community approach, since the incidents will be managed on a whole-community basis as well. Here’s the HSEEP template for conducting a workshop on building a multi-year plan, and here’s the template for the plan document itself. Both are courtesy of FEMA.

Here is a PDF copy of the slides and speaker notes, from our free sample table top exercise, conducted on March 22, 2024. The documentation (SitMan) for any district to use on their own, for a similar exercise is below:

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Active Shooter Exercise Kit from CNA.org

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We can also help remotely facilitate and evaluate any exercises your organization wants to conduct. Drop us a line, if you need help.

HSEEP Exercise stair-step flow from seminars to Full-scale exercises. increasing in complexity and expanded capabilities.
Barton Dunant encourages its clients to follow this stair-stepped approach to exercises, building on capabilities and complexity.

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