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Once you have your team in place, workable Crisis Communications Team Plan (and Crisis Communications Plan – the one with what you will communicate as templates, to whom, and how), it is now time to exercise the team. This is the final step in the POETE process, as described in the fifth Crisis Communications Workshop. Here is what we have to offer:

This third TTX might have better results if one or both of the other two TTXs were run first (or you think your team needs a challenge)

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Crisis Communications Team Workshops

Here is an overview of the Crisis Communications Team training – which includes the concept of both building out a Crisis Communications Team Plan and also preparing your crisis communications team to be a part of that plan.

Not sure what Crisis Communications is? Start here.

And the five-part Barton Dunant Crisis Communications Team course is available on Skillshare. Please start with the Introduction and then view them in order (Planning, Organizing, Equipping, Training and Exercising).

And when it comes to Exercising your Crisis Communications Team, we have a number of pre-built inexpensive exercise templates available to purchase.

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Free Crisis Communications Training

Federal/State Free Training

Centers for Disease Control’s Crisis & Emergency Risk Communications Training https://emergency.cdc.gov/cerc/training/index.asp

FEMA IS-42: Social Media in Emergency Management Course https://training.fema.gov/is/courseoverview.aspx?code=IS-42


Crisis Communications Flyers and blog items


World Health, O. (2005). Effective media communication during public health emergencies : a WHO field guide / Randall N. Hyer, Vincent T. Covello. In. Geneva: World Health Organization. https://apps.who.int/iris/handle/10665/43477

Association of Risk and Crisis Communication – Code of Ethics. http://www.association-rcc.org/international-arcc/code-of-ethics/

Duke University Crisis Communications Plan – https://today.duke.edu/showcase/emergency_plan/

Ready.gov Crisis Communications Plan – https://www.ready.gov/crisis-communications-plan


Have any other suggestions to share? Please post a reply below… Thank you!

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Crisis Communications

Barton Dunant has workshops through a course on Skillshare, on the elements of a Crisis Communications Team – as organized by POETE (Planning, Organizing, Equipping, Training and Exercising). This will help your organization build or refine your Crisis Communications Team Plan. We also have a series of increasingly complex exercises for your Crisis Communications Team.

The FBI has a great checklist for before, during and after an incident, for Public Information Officers (PIOs) to help with Crisis Communications. We have included a free download link to it.

SalesForce.org free set of tips on e-mailing crisis communications messages, for non-profit organizations.

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POETE: COVID-19 Organizational Impacts

Recognizing and Mitigating against COVID-19 Organizational Impacts

Some U.S. State and Countries are experiencing a pause in increasing positive cases. Others are exploding beyond their medical capabilities. When is the second wave coming? What will happen if a hurricane comes? Or an earthquake? Can our expanded use of at-home technology continue to support virtual work? What if a large-scale computer virus attack occurs? Are schools really opening in the fall?

Download our free white paper on the subject of Recognizing and Mitigating against COVID-19 Organizational Impacts, which includes sample S.M.A.R.T. goals for business continuity along a POETE construct.

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DHS S&T’s Social Media Guidance Planning

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) Social Media Emergency Management (SMEM) Guidance Tool (SMEM Guidance Tool) is an easy-to-use tool designed to support emergency managers (EMs), public information officers (PIOs), and others working in crisis communications with the development of planning materials for SMEM operations. The SMEM Guidance Tool is free and provides potential users a simple, step-by-step line of questioning to create plans to improve SMEM operations within their organizations. It is automated, web accessible, and mobile to enhance usability for practitioners, who often have limited time to dedicate to SMEM planning and operations efforts.


DHS S&T released the existing SMEM Guides (Social Media Business Case GuideDigital Volunteer Program Guide, and Social Media Plan Guide) in a PDF format as a resource for SMEM practitioners. The SMEM Guidance Tool builds on the existing DHS S&T SMEM Guides (linked below) and provides users with a more robust and user-friendly experience in creating planning materials for SMEM operations. Users can create a Social Media Business Case and Digital Volunteer Program with the tool. The feature for completing a Social Media Plan will be integrated by the end of 2019.

Visit the SMEM Guidance Tool at smemguidancetool.org

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Healthcare Crisis Communications

When it comes to Crisis Communications – do you know what to say – and as impacting – how to say it ?

Barton Dunant is developing a series of workshops and exercises for the healthcare sector – on crisis communications. What does a Public Health Officer say about a Measles Outbreak, that is impacting multiple locations in their community? What does a hospital tell the public about a MRSA incident at their ER? How should a press release be worded from an assisted living care facility that had a Legionella outbreak?

Let us know what topic (or scenario) you would like to see developed into a workshop and/or exercise series (table top, functional, etc.).

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