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Product/Process Disasters

Product-Process disasters are one of the three major types. The other two are Natural/Human-Made and Fictitious. Here’s our view on Product-Process disasters (which can be incidents, emergencies, etc.) – the kind of thing which is self-contained within your organization or maybe involves your supply chain. Bottom line, is that the rest of the public is not (yet!) impacted in the same way as you are – but these disasters can also be the start of something worse – they can cascade into other types of disasters or magnify/amplify other disasters out there.

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Emergency Action Plans – the basics

The rock band “The Clash” have a song entitled “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – which is about a relationship between two people. It’s also a quick summary of Emergency Action Planning – should you shelter-in-place or evacuate? The emergency management answer to this question is “Depends on what the emergency is” – …

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[Ad] Crisis Communications Exercises

Once you have your team in place, workable Crisis Communications Team Plan (and Crisis Communications Plan – the one with what you will communicate as templates, to whom, and how), it is now time to exercise the team. This is the final step in the POETE process, as described in the fifth Crisis Communications Workshop. …

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POETE: COVID-19 Organizational Impacts

Recognizing and Mitigating against COVID-19 Organizational Impacts In 2023, the U.S. declared the COVID-19 Pandemic “over” (note the word was not “eliminated” or “vanquished” – semantics, moving more towards “endemic” rather than “pandemic”). Many U.S. State and other countries are experiencing a significant decline in positive cases (or is it just another wave of “pauses” …

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