Crisis Communications Team Advanced Functional Exercise

This is a Functional Exercise (FNX) designed to provide a stressful scenario that requires several key crisis communications outputs (talking points for executives, questions for emergency management officials for situational awareness and resource support needs, social media posts, press releases, etc.) – and in this exercise things will go from bad to worst very quickly.

The purpose of this exercise is to provide opportunities for your organization’s Crisis Communications Team to work together collaboratively and cooperatively evaluating and disseminating crisis action information pertaining to the incident – both in their roles to support continued organizational operations - and to serve the public during this exercise incident.

This two-hour exercise tests the capabilities and plans for crisis communicators which would be put into action if the organization’s prime office facility (i.e., main office building) was struck by a small aircraft. During the FNX, the simulated situation will worsen – in real time – as part of the exercise scenario.

This ExPlan can be purchased as a template on its own, or as part of a full (remote) facilitated exercise package.

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