Crisis Action Plan – pre-meeting Checklist

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Number of facilities needing Crisis Action Plans (CAPs)
  3. Address(es) of Facility/facilities (for Google Maps)
  4. Specifics about what the organization does, products produced, etc. What are the essential missions of the organization (which have to be performed regardless of disaster occurring), if any
  5. POC info for Crisis Communications Team
  6. POC info for Emergency Response Team
  7. POC info for Information Technology Team lead
  8. POC info for facilities/logistics team lead – even if outside vendor
  9. Alert System Name (if any)
  10. References to HR policy numbers (do not need copies, just summary info)
  11. References to Business/Government Continuity of Operations Plan
  12. Memorandums of Agreement/Understandings with partners and suppliers, including off-site assembly points and warm/cold continency operations sites (Highlights only).
  13. Executive POC who signs off on document and also who ultimately approves.
  14. Detailed procedures on Lockdowns, Active Assailants and other Shelter-in-Place protocols
  15. Any other threats/hazards for this organization which may be unique to the organization, and should be specifically listed in the Crisis Action plan

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