The Pink Slice

The Pink Slice – what you don’t know you don’t know. In many things, including Emergency Management, there are things you know (like a problem you know and its solution) and things you don’t know (like a problem you know but don’t know its solution). There are also things you don’t know what the problem is at all.

Check out the article below – “Shrink the Pink Slice” for an introduction to this idea – and feel free to share in the comments any emergency management examples you may have which can be connected to shrinking the Pink Slice!

After Action Reports

Some of the After Action Reports (AARs) on major incidents or GO/NGO councils/committees, we have found on the web. Do you know of any others available as OSINT (Open Source Intelligence – items available – TLP: Green- to the public, not classified or sensitive)? Please add in the comments. If any of these links are …

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EMPs – the MOM of COOP/COG for EM

We believe the worst-case scenario disaster which will fall on Emergency Management is the Electro-Magnetic Pulse wave (EMP) from a low-atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device over the United States. This will have catastrophic impacts to the continuity of operations / continuity of government (COOP/COG) for emergency management (EM). It is the maximum of maximums …

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Unsolicited Donations

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The following photo shows what can happen when well-meaning people send unsolicited items to a disaster site. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, large piles of used clothing, shoes, food, and household goods sent to Port-au-Prince went unclaimed and began spoiling, attracting rats and other vermin. Not …

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