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Emergency Management – by chapter and verse

There is certainly an open discussion of where should the field of Emergency Management reside, academically: Is it Art? Is it Science? Is it something else? Science – threat/hazard calculations, include the one that has “Outrage” as a multiplier (Peter Sandman article – https://www.psandman.com/articles/zurich.pdf) Art – Stand for nothing, you will fall for everything (Music) …

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Emergency Action Plans – the basics

The rock band “The Clash” have a song entitled “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – which is about a relationship between two people. It’s also a quick summary of Emergency Action Planning – should you shelter-in-place or evacuate? The emergency management answer to this question is “Depends on what the emergency is” – …

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After Action Reports

Some of the After Action Reports (AARs) on major incidents or GO/NGO councils/committees, we have found on the web. Do you know of any others available as OSINT (Open Source Intelligence – items available – TLP: Green- to the public, not classified or sensitive)? Please add in the comments. If any of these links are …

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US-DHS has free exercises for schools

Active Shooter Template https://www.schoolsafety.gov/emergency-planning?subtopic%5B117%5D=117#block-views-block-resources-by-subtopic-block-1 FEMA’s Sample School Emergency Operations Plan (for Training Purposes) Federal Emergency Management Agency This sample school EOP was developed in accordance with the “Guide for Developing High-Quality School Emergency Operations Plans.” This document has been developed for training purposes only.

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