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100CCT – Everyone Needs a Crisis Communications Team

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This five-part series of workshops covers the “before, during, and after” of creating/mobilizing, using, and demobilizing a crisis communications team. Before your organization builds a book of templated crisis communications messages (and we think you should, over time!), you will need a team to implement them, evaluate them, and then continuously refine them.

The course material includes a free crisis communications team plan template, which you can use – and modify yourself – through the various modules of these workshops.  You can also optionally see what others have done (generically) for their organizations and upload your own thoughts and ideas – for a shared experience with your other classmates. This provides an opportunity to learn from others as well. Again, not required, but something of a resource, we hope.

Crisis Communications Team - Course Description/Syllabus/Outline 

Crisis Communications Team Plan Template

Alert and Warning Best Practices (including templates for governmental and NGO emergency message sizing) - from the Region 1 (MI) Homeland Security Planning Board

If you want to optionally submit a redacted (no real names/cell numbers/etc.) version of your crisis communications team plan to our blog page for others to see - or if you want to see the work of other students who have already taken this class, please visit https://blog.bartondunant.com/cctp/  and use the comments section at the end.