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100WP – What is POETE?

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POETE stands for Planning, Organizing, Equipping, Training and Exercising. It is a way to solve problems and issues through a systemic project management process. POETE is also a continuous improvement process as well – since it is cyclical. After conducting Exercises, the controllers and evaluators will create an After-Action Report/Improvement Plan (AAR/IP).

This can occur after real-world incidents/events as well. Please see for some of the AAR/IPs we have collected. The Improvement Plan part, will include changes needed for the existing Planning (modifying existing plans or the need for new plans, too), Organizing (who does what), Equipping (what needs fixing, what new stuff is needed, etc.), Training (who needs to know how to fix problems, for example), and even Exercising – practicing all of these elements together.

This course is self-paced and has six videos to watch (with one optional one, too). There are five question quizzes after each section (except the introduction) and then a final quiz of 10 questions to complete (70% to pass) in order to receive a certificate for this course. There is also a course syllabus/description in the Materials section above (click on the tab heading to switch and download, if you need it). Please note that as you move through each section, you will have to complete both watching the video (and marking it complete) and completing the section quiz, before you can move forward to the next section. While the “Lesson Content” may show 100% complete with only the video watched, it is not complete until the quiz has also been taken.

At Barton Dunant, we are an Emergency Management Consulting and Training firm, specializing the design and refinement of all-hazards, all-phases emergency and disaster plans for both public and private organizations. We creates plans, staff training – including train-the-trainer, and exercises/evaluations following the POETE construct. Our Exercises utilize the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) model, including the capability for robust After-Action Reporting/Improvement Planning. As part of our model for After-Action Reporting, we also provide our clients with actionable analytical report outputs, which always include steps and measures for Mitigation activities to improve emergency management missions in the future.

Finally, the firm also conducts research and adds to the practitioner-academic field of Emergency Management through published articles, white papers, partnerships and public presentations on national-level emergency management policies and procedures. Learn more about all things POETE at or


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