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Our Crisis Action Plan Overview

So what exactly are the crises we are talking about? Its when something goes wrong that could impact your personal life safety. These are the crises which affect our organization, our people and those around us, and most likely the places where we work. We may not be able to avoid the crisis, but we always want to be able to get through it safely. The crisis action plan is just that – a plan for you to prepare for, respond to and recover from any type of disaster, with personal life safety as the top priority.

Crisis Action Planning

Every organization needs a Crisis Action Plan. What to do, where to go and what happens next – regardless of the crisis, emergency or disaster which may occur. When building your Crisis Action Plan (or Emergency Action Plan), we recommend it be made as part of an overall set of emergency plans, which also include …

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Crisis Action Plan template

For only $10, you can get a Crisis Action Plan template which covers all hazards and threats and makes you and your co-workers safer.

[Ad] Crisis Communications Team Table Top Exercise – Rats!! (A Fictitious Disaster)

Organizations never get a “heads up” that someone is planning on sabotaging their work (i.e., products/processes) when then spread rumors or innuendo (or just plain lies). Fictitious Disasters are more like “No-Notice” events than “Notice” ones. Organizations need to always be on their guard against these threats – and remain vigilant. This exercise is much like a race (your organization’s facts and communications have to defeat the rumors and falsehoods) in that there are actions to do even before getting to the starting line. In this exercise, consider the race to have started and the rumors/falsehoods already have a head start.

Validate your Crisis Communications Team Plan (and the Planning, Organization, Equipment, and Training) through this Table Top Exercise. This TTX is designed to follow the one or both of the previous ones in the series (Winter Storm and/or Tornado), but can be used first, for example when the Crisis Communications Team is already established and using an existing set of plans.

Crisis Communications Team FNX ExPlan

If a small airplane were to crash into your office building- would your crisis communications team know what they need to do? What if things got even worse?

Emergency Assembly Areas

Also known as Emergency Assembly Points, Evacuation Assembly Areas, Emergency Assembly Station, etc. These are the designated areas (or area) outside of a work facility where people should go, if the building needs to be evacuated. Check in with first-responders or members of your Crisis Action Team. Do not go back into the building until …

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